Q: Why the name Superhero Kids?

A: As volunteers working with the patients, we were inspired at how these kids fight with such dignity and grace while battling against extraordinary odds. They teach us all what it means to be a Superhero.

Q: What makes Superhero Kids unique?

A: 100% of your donation goes directly to improve quality of life assistance, as well as programming, to help patients cope with their illness by bonding with other kids also dealing with cancer and blood disorders. We are 100% volunteer driven.

Q: How can I be sure where my donation is being used?

A: As a donor advised fund at the Austin Community Foundation, we receive direct notification when a donation is made. We receive quarterly reports from the Children’s Blood and Cancer Center to show specifically, where each dollar has been used. These reports are readily available upon request.

Q: How can I get involved?

A: You can get involved by volunteering at our events, or having your own event (birthday party, lemonade stand, community service project) to raise funds for Superhero Kids.