Superhero Kids is dedicated to providing quality of life assistance to children and their families battling cancer and blood disorders at the Children’s Blood and Cancer Center of Central Texas.

If you would like to help make a difference in these children’s lives, please consider the following:


  • Provides 2 cafeteria lunch coupons for families accompanying a patient for treatment
  • Provides parking for a family for 1 day at the Blood and Cancer Center


  • Provides school supplies and back packs for the patients


  • Provides Transportation for families


  • Provides food for a week for a family with a child in treatment


  • Provides 3 wigs for patients who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy
  • Provides help with monthly rent, or car payments
  • Provides support for a monthly event for the “Hungry Bunch” teen support group


  • Provides for neurological testing of patients which help assist children with learning challenges as a result of the cancer treatment and hematology diagnosis


  • Provides end of life services for families who are unable to bury their children due to expense


  • Provides for a Child Life Specialist for 1 year, to work with the children to learn how to manage their fears and pain as they go through the hematology and cancer process

Often, treatments require a child to be isolated from school and other public interaction, straining the financial bonds of the family and so often requiring families to reorder and prioritize what family resources are available. The Superhero Kids is here to provide such financial assistance. Children undergoing treatment for cancer and blood disorders are the number one priority of the Superhero Kids Fund. The burdens of treatment pose a huge financial challenge to the families of these children and present psycho-social obstacles which are unanticipated prior to the cancer/blood disorder diagnosis. These challenges are unexpected and families simply cannot possibly prepare.

This is the reason that the Superhero Kids Fund exists.

100% of your donations to the Superhero Kids Fund go to address these needs.