100% of the funds go to improve the quality of life for a child in treatment . . . Every donation, regardless of amount, is significant and has a profound impact on the lives of our Superhero Kids. It is for this reason, that Superhero Kids wants every donor to know how their generous donation actually and directly benefits the children and families of children in treatment at the Children’s Blood and Cancer Center, not simply that the donation is used to benefit the children and their families, but just how that donation is used.

Superhero Kids provides the opportunity to allow donors to see exactly where their donation is going and how it is benefiting the children and families of the CBCC on a real time basis. Superhero Kids also provides the opportunity for donations “in honor of” or “in memory of” a person who is special to you.

Primarily Superhero Kids funds the following:

  • Housing
  • Home Repairs
  • Utilities
  • School Supplies and Clothing
  • Food and Living Expenses
  • Transportatoin
  • Other essential medical equipment and prosthesis not covered by insurance

In addition, we provide the following programs for kids in treatment:

Survivor Challenge

Superhero Kids funds the Survivor Challenge Program which reintroduces “being active and physical” to children and teens who have become inactive due to their cancer and/ or treatment with a fun, age appropriate running training program. This 8 week program provides the patient and their family a running program which incorporates a RunTex training curriculum.

Hungry Bunch

The Hungry Bunch Teen Program is an informal teen group for patients who are diagnosed with cancer or a chronic blood illness. Hungry Bunch provides monthly fun, age appropriate outings and parties to create opportunities for teens who may be experiencing similar illness and medical experiences to meet and build supportive friendships.

Summer Camps

Superhero Kids funds Camp Rocky Ridge for approximately thirty teen patients and staff each summer.Various activities give the teens an opportunity to meet other patients who are on or off treatment andshare challenges other teens face while dealing with Cancer.

Hungry Bunch Prom

Superhero Kids helps fund a special prom for teens so that they can enjoy prom with their friends, even if they are unable to attend their own school prom.

Superhero Kids College Scholarships

College scholarships are awarded each year to graduating seniors based on need and essay.